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I am ROSHIYA as ROSHIYAtech, a serial entrepreneur that created Flux Ventures and Young Slacker (among other things, read more about me).

I’ve spent the last 11 years learning all I could about digitally marketing.

In this round-up, you will find my best marketing and growth posts ever.

These are the same techniques I use on my 21 blogs.

I divided each section from beginner to advanced.

If you work through these guides, you will learn how I currently get over 500,000 organic visitors per month on my blogs, how I scaled Blogs and Seo to $11000/mo in sales and more!

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My Best Most Read Article

My most popular posts with more than 1M reads

  1. 🔥 How to Download a Movie to 250k/mo [beginner to advanced]
  2. ☑️ How to get verified on Instagram [medium Coming]
  3. The Highest CPC keywords out there [medium Coming]
My Favorite Tool

These are my favourite tools

  1. Absolute Must-Haves
    • G-suite (for Gmail, google drive, etc) 10% off promo codes Google Workspace Business (Starter Plan: 74WNRQYQD3QCYX9) (Standard Plan: 46YF6NN97ACLRAH) Each promotion code provides 10% off

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